The reason why I was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia and the reason why God saved me – Adama Injoyment 2023

Saudi Arabia and the reason why God saved me – Adama Injoyment 2023

Zuwaira Saleh Pantami, better known as Adama in the long-running Hausa game show, ‘Dadin Kowa’, which is shown by Arewa 24 Television, has revealed how she followed the footsteps of a thief in Saudi Arabia, until she was cut off.

death penalty for women. In an interview with Hadiza Gabon’s ‘Gabon’s Room Talk Show’, Zahara’u, or Adama, stated that she was once sentenced to death along with seven other women, but the death sentence was executed.

on the other seven, she also escaped from our source and got the news from Premium Times Hausa. In the statement made by Hadiza Gabon, who showed that she did not commit a crime, she followed the footsteps of the thief.

commit the crime they are accused of committing.

Adama, who said she is the sister of former Minister Ali Pantami by blood, told the story of how it happened, she said that at first she went for Umrah, but then she left with the kind of junk goods that are being transported from here in Nigeria to she sold there.

She said, “I went with things like crying, crying, hiding, nuts and others.”

So when I sold it, I saw the profit that I got and it showed the investment.

It was only when I came back to Nigeria that I kept these clothes, I used to go to Saudi Arabia with them, I sold them, I came back, I bought them again and went back.”

She said that she spent a long time doing this, until the day she was arrested, from which she did not do it again.

She said that during one of her visits, one day when she was in Riyadh, she met a friend of hers who is of Sudanese origin.

Adama said that her cousin lives in a town called Idesa, which is opposite to Riyadh, where Adama used to go to take people who are crying, suffering, hiding and others. There she knew the beauty, even they were suffocated. “But what about the time we saw each other for four years.

She then told me that she is now living in Jeddah, and she went to Riyadh to buy clothes for the party that she will attend.

“She told me to get up and let’s go, she invited her. It’s so harsh, I don’t even drink the tea I’m mixing.

Then I put it in the fridge and said that I ate at the place of fati.

“When we got to the house where she was, I found that it was a big floor, 41 floors. Even the elevator that takes people to the top was 25 in the house.

“I went to the door of the room and pressed the machine, it opened and I entered.

I didn’t even rest, then we heard the machine click again, it made a noise.

I was opening the door and there was a security guard.”

Adama said that all the women in the room were gathered here, and there were eight of them.

The crime that caused us to be sentenced to death’ – Adamar Kamaye:

Adama told Hadiza Gabon that she did not know what she had done, so they were all eight in prison. She said that there they were locked in a room, and they were joined by some of their security officers but who speak Hausa. She said that they belong to this session, but she maintained that she was wronged, she did not know the crime that was committed. “Well, this is where my girlfriend told me that you have not committed a crime, you just followed the footsteps of a thief”. How Kawa Planned the Murder of an Elderly Arab Worker in His House – Adamar Kamye: Adama said that her girlfriend worked in the house of an old Arab until she arranged how he was killed, and the money and gold were taken away, after a long separation from her.

She said, “My sister-in-law was hired to work in the house of an old Arab, who can’t even walk, except for everything in a wheelchair.”

So she is the one who takes care of him. “This old man has three sons, and all of them are great pilots. “Every month they send him a lot of money in take.

Then her sister-in-law arranged for her and some of her friends to steal the money

. “One day the old man’s wife went to a party in Riyadh, and her aunt called some of her friends and asked them to come and collect the money. “When you go with them, they go to the room where the money is kept, and they take everything.” Adama said that after the thieves left, the old man said to her friend, “Why did they steal the house? Did you get the key to the house until they opened it and you entered?” “Just then, my aunt called the thief and said that the old man understood.

So they went back to them and tied him to the wheelchair where he was sitting. They blocked his mouth with prayers for the benefit of women during menstruation, and everyone ran away, including my girlfriend.” Adama said that this crime is why they were followed on the same day that Adama also went to the house of those who committed the crime.

She said that the secret of those who did the murder was revealed, through the locksmith that her friend took and killed her one morning.

She said that he was the one who gave the evidence that the maid of the house of the deceased went to his place and took the lock and he slaughtered her.

Adama said that in the end she was released, but the other seven were sentenced to death.



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