A young man from Nigeria told a story that caught people’s attention this time in 2023

A young man from Nigeria told a story that caught people’s attention this time in 2023

We are certainly happy with this good thing that this man of God has achieved, some Nigerians have returned to marrying white people, just like abaya, a boy was first found in Kano, whose name is Suleiman and who is originally from Kano state, he married a woman and they to America, which at that time was called the take priest, since that time Nigerian blacks have returned to marrying white men as is happening at this time.

Then all of a sudden there was a man of God who is called x zaharaddini dan soba, he published some photos that show him also with a battery, where he asked to be blessed with prayers as he wrote on his tweet page, after As for married couples, except Nigerian girls and Nigerian boys, everyone is talking about it, as our source in the north has found this news.

But people wished him good luck and they spat out their words, as you can see in this blessed house of ours, one of his friends is talking about why they don’t marry children except for the elderly, considering that all the best are usually the women.

who marry all old wives and do not marry, then the groom said that man can avoid his destiny which God has written for him, where the other said that you are all your destiny of old wives, the groom said that it is possible.

Then one of his friends said that he saw that the bride was not laughing, so he stopped wearing the crown and she was tired.

No matter what happens, I hope you will wish us good luck, people are hoping for good luck, God will give good luck, we are also hoping for good luck, may God confirm it and give them peace, God Ameen.


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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