How hunger caused the death of a young woman in northern Nigeria

Innnah lillahi wah innah ‘ilaihi raji’un.

A young woman died in a neighborhood in a town, after she was buried her father stood up in front of people and cried.

He opened his mouth and said to the people, “By the way, it was hunger that killed this girl as a result of the hardships of life we ​​found ourselves in.

” He said that now we have more than forty meals a day.

He added that eating once a day is not enough for us, and if we ask for help from the community, the one who tries to help us does not go beyond giving us 500 or 1000 naira for the family.

With this window, she decided to fast almost every day, in this situation she should have an ulcer because when she opens her mouth (Iftar) what she is going to eat is not enough, that’s how she does sahur in the mosque.

In the end, today the hair returned to its creator due to hunger and treatment of the ulcer, which should last until its end.

It is good that the people with opportunities are trying to help in this situation, people are in trouble and some have many families.

By God, when I heard this story, I don’t know when tears came to my eyes because of compassion.

We have copied this story, and we have edited the text so that the right-wing people will be afraid of helping the poor.

May God help those who have the opportunity to help the weak, and bring an end to this tragedy that we have found ourselves in.

Ameeen Yah Hayyuh Yah Qayyum


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