One reason why Kanywood movies are still not shown on Netflix – Ali Nuhu

The famous Hausa film actor Ali Nuhu said, the lack of use of good equipment in the filming of Hausa films in the Kannywood company is one of the reasons why the Netflix company does not show their videos.

The actor made this statement, while appearing in this program, discussing with Kannywood actors and their counterpart Hadiza Gabon.

Ali Nuhu, who has been an actor in the Kannywood industry for almost 25 years, and his name is a household name, said that, unlike their counterparts in the south of the country, film producers in the Kannywood industry, do not use modern equipment to film.

take their plans.

He said, “anyone’s film can be put on Netflix, as long as it meets the required criteria, then you need people to promote your film, but the promoters are more aware of promoting the film with those who have a close relationship.

” with them” Then he said, “even if (Kannywood) we meet the standards that Netflix needs, then there is a speed and not a rush and that is, the issue of the team working on the production of the film, because in the Nollywood industry, I have worked in films , so that you can see that the whole team of workers are foreigners” He said, “but that does not mean that Kannywood cannot produce quality movies.

” The only difference is the hard work and dedication in putting together films like in other developed countries.

” Ali Nuhu said, he once submitted his film to Netflix, but after seven months they gave him an answer, saying that they will review the film, and he is still waiting.

However, he said, as a result of the release of Amazon Netflix, they are trying to consider films from Northern Nigeria, since they have given us the opportunity to submit our films.

“I have no plans to leave film production, because it’s the job I’ve been able to do all my life,” said Ali Nuhu “I started, as a young man who often came out as a lover, we sang and danced.

Later on, the years made me come back as a father, and I have different appearances, leaving behind those who are developing, taking the role I used to play in the past.

“But, now that I’m coming out as a father, there are signs that the end is coming, but I have no intention of leaving the film industry,” said actor Ali Nuhu.

He said, “now it’s my 20th year of marriage, because recently, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of marriage with my mother-in-law, I’ve been married to her since 2003, and now we’re in 2023.

” “Even though I am a Muslim, but the issue of polygamy is not in my system, because in my opinion, if a man is at peace with his wife, and he knows that, he cannot be fair if he meets another woman.

the wife, or it breaks his order, then he is told to continue living with one woman” “This is one reason why I spent twenty years with one wife, even though Islam allows polygamy”


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