Now I am eight (8) months pregnant and I want to abort – news from the hospital 2023

Now I am eight (8) months pregnant and I want to abort – news from the hospital 2023

A doctor named Pharm Musa A Bello who is working in the hospital brought a scary story in this life where he said that a married woman came and wanted to abort her pregnancy for eight (8) months how the story is I’m eight months pregnant and I’m about to spill this is what a woman said when she came to visit me, I want to tell this story so that people can learn a lesson in life. At that time, I understood that she decided to have an abortion, because other than that, I want you to get out of here We don’t have abortions here we study “psychology” studying human life and thoughts and other things.

The doctor said that she came in and they were talking and she was telling him that they had a fight with her husband and she wanted to abort this eight month pregnancy and break all ties between her and him It is possible that it is not necessary, she said that this is not her concern or how much she will spend, let me protect you immediately, she will withdraw a few thousand new naira, one hundred thousand, that is 100k. I said, Hajiya, you don’t understand, she said tell me your account number because I understand the importance of what is below, then I understand that if I let her go, she will go where others will take the money and do it for her, because there are people who do not fear God I said that this thing will not be done directly to you because it can cause your illness and she said she doesn’t care, then I said it can cause your life.


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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