Coup is necessary: ​​I will just say that it is right if the military seizes power in Nigeria – Obasanjo 2023

Coup is necessary: ​​I will just say that it is right if the military seizes power in Nigeria – Obasanjo 2023

Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of the military regime, who was later elected as the president through democracy, has expressed his displeasure with the way governance is administered in Africa, including Nigeria, warning that some conditions and Many have made it possible to intervene in the country with the largest population in Africa “Yes, I like democracy After suffering at the hands of the late Nigerian military leader Abacha, I will not want military rule,” the former Nigerian president told a group of young people under the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative (A4A) organization at Olusegun Obasanjo’s library (OOPL) on Tuesday Mr Obasanjo added, “But if he comes, what can we do?” I’ll say it’s okay,” suggesting resignation to the country’s ill health The former president is notorious for criticizing elected presidents, at least since the time of former president Goodluck Jonathan.

But the question is: do we have the conditions that encourage the kind of things that happen? If we do not have the conditions that encourage them, they cannot happen,” said Mr. Obasanjo “That does not mean that it should be encouraged What is meant is to make sure that we do everything to prevent a coup from happening” Mr. Obasanjo’s statement came at the same time that coups have been successful in the past three years in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sudan, and most recently in the Republic of Niger and Gabon The former president emphasized that “young people are looking for freedom, and we must take that to heart”  “Why should we allow the youth to seek freedom more than the current government? Why? If you see what is happening in many countries, and I will not exclude Nigeria,” said Mr Obasanjo, “you will be surprised, and don’t forget, especially the youth, they support most of these coups What was done in Gabon, it was done by young people, not old men and women like me.”


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