70 Only Earned To Treat KannuWood Player’s Oil When He Was Not Well

For more than two years, Man Lawan Filmmaker has been asking for 70 thousand naira for medical expenses, but he was unable By Shehu Tijjani Just now I was watching videos and I came across this video that Aminu Abdullahi (J-Town) made on TikTok explaining about the situation of Hausa film actor, Man Lawan that is the son who is appearing in the movie, it is very disappointing.

He explained that Man Lawan in the second year of his life could not walk because his leg would not step unless he was lifted and wheeled.

He went to the hospital and it was said that he had a problem with a bone in his back and he touched his leg.

He was asked for a scanning fee of 70 thousand naira, but for two years there was no one to help him with this money.

Aminu Abdullahi explained in the video that he asked Man Lawan if he asked for the help of others in the movie? Then Man Lawan said yes, very much, Hadiza Aliyu Gabon is the only one who ever owed him 60 thousand, he went to Ali Nuhu but he got into a fight and asked him to be fired from his office, and when Adam A Zango came he would make a movie When Asin got the news, Man Lawan was taken to the hotel where he was staying.

When he saw him, he cried, and finally he gave him 20,000.

Their education set was completed in 2017/2018 and we completed 2018/2019. , but also try to study.

I have studied and confirmed for myself that the Hausa movie business is not a rich business.

Man Lawan God bless you and change him to something better than the film industry.



Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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