Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi has given 100 million naira to Palestinians 2023

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi has given 100 million naira to Palestinians

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi gave this donation when it was read He was sent a letter by the eldest son of Shehu Ibrahim Nyass Khalifa Sheikh Muhammadul Mahiy Inyass wrote to all the disciples of Sheikh Ibrahim that they should help raise one million dollars that he promised that would be done Give the Palestinians a war. The great teacher of the Islamic religion and the leader of the Tijjaniya Sect, Maulana Sheikh Tahir Usman Bauchi. He witnessed the donation of naira One hundred million (#1000,000 Million) which is equivalent to one hundred thousand US dollars for himself, our source has reported in English. Here is the content of the letter from the speaker Shehu Mahiy in Nigeria.

The representative of the sheikh of the teacher said that in the letter he wrote, Khalifa Sheikh Muhammad-l-Mahy Inyass, he asked the disciples of Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass to eat onions and he promised to donate one million US dollars to Palestine and any murid, or even not a murid or a Tijaniyya, as long as the person is a Muslim because this issue concerns Muslims. He said that Shehu Ibrahim has been trying with Filadinu since he was alive, but now they are being killed; We Muslims must help them. After reading this letter, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi said that he will give one hundred million naira, and everyone says how much they can give throughout Nigeria. And whoever says that he is a disciple of Sheikh Maulana and a disciple of Sheikh Tijjani, this is obligatory since it is an order from our caliph. But for other Muslims who are not Tijjaniyya, it is not necessary for them, according to Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi.



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