Labaran Duniya

Where God is with Hamisu Breaker” Murja Kunya)

Recently, on social media, Hermes Breaker, the famous Hausa singer, Wanda Yaye, has been killed, and now it seems that this news is appearing on the media, where a young woman is commenting on the disappearance of her brother.

This is the reason why he is hiding in the music business as it is spread on his top page as the guy says that the origin of their problem is on youtube channel, he is the cause of their problem as she says and the guy said that Hermes is the reason why he plays music until he sleeps.

One day because they had a problem and Gaye said that they a long was playing music for him and now they are not fighting each other, but Hermione closed his eyes and told him it was not right.

May God bless you to find new Hausa songs and their surahs.

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