We have got a new device, we have not forgiven anyone’s debt – MTN 2023

We have got a new device, we have not forgiven anyone’s debt – MTN 2023

The MTN communication company has stated that the device error has made people think that they have been forgiven for their credit cards or data that they have borrowed from the company. This morning, the users of the MTN communication company were surprised to see that all the debts that the communication company owes them have disappeared, it is as if the debtors have been forgiven. The company stated that their customers who believed that the telecommunications company canceled their debts on purpose, took to social media to celebrate and thank the telecommunications company.

For example, a payer named Ada, wrote on her WhatsApp page, saying that the debt has been paid. MTN debtors Check your account, MTN to clear your debt. In the meantime, a response from an MTN official stated that the users of the line will continue to pay the debts owed to them, adding that the users will be responsible for paying the fees. following them even after MTN fixed the problem that caused the debts to disappear.

from their accounts. He explained that the disappearance of the debts found in the accounts of the payers is a problem, which means that the payers will have to pay the debts that are said to be written off once MTN corrects the mistake. And no one has been forgiven for the debt that MTN owes to him as they are saying on social media and other places.


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