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WAEC 2023 Agriculture Science Specimens ( Questions and Answer)

Answers to WAEC Agric practical specimen 2023. WAEC Agricultural Science specimen for practical 2023 with complete solutions.

See the 2023 WAEC Agricultural Science practical specimen answers Alternative A and Alternative B that will help boost your score and your overall performance in Agric Practical 2023 below.

The 2023 WAEC practical specimens for Agricultural Science are provided here for free. All you have to do is to go through each of the questions and take note of the WAEC Agricultural Science practical answers 2023. Read on to find out.

WAEC 2023 Agriculture Science Specimens

  1. Specimen A – Shears
  2. Specimen B – Secateurs
  3. Specimen C – Spade
  4. Specimen D – Cutlass
  5. Specimen E – Urea fertilizer (labeled)
  6. Specimen F – Wood Ash (labeled)
  7. Specimen G – Poultry manure (labeled)
  8. Specimen H – Centrosema
  9. Specimen I – Elephant Grass
  10. Specimen J – Tropical Kuduza
  11. Specimen K – Guinea Grass
  12. Specimen L – Chicken Egg
  13. Specimen M – Raw Milk
  14. Specimen N – Water (labeled)
  15. Specimen O – Poultry Feather.

Question 1. (a) Identify specimens F, G, and H.
(b) In a tabular form, compare three physical characteristics of specimens F and G.
(c) (i) Which of the specimens F and G would you recommend for pond construction?
(ii) Give one reason for your answer in 1(c)(i).
(d) List two ways of improving specimen H for crop production.
(e) State two ways by which specimen I is of economic importance in agriculture.

ANS: (a)  F (Clay soil), G (Loamy soil), and H (Sandy soil)
(c) Clay soil

Question 2. (a) For each of specimens A, B, and D name two farm tools that can perform functions similar to those of the specimens.
(b) Describe how each of specimens B and D are used.
(c) Describe each of specimens A and C.
(d) Enumerate four advantages of using farm tools for farm work.

Question 3. (a) Identify specimens E
(b) State two uses of specimens E
(c) Give two maintenance practices for specimens E
(d) Name two other farm tools that can perform the function of specimen E.

WAEC 2023 Agric Science Specimens Answers

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