This Kannywood Movie Has Hands With God – singer Ibrahim 2023

This Kannywood Movie Has Hands With God – singer Ibrahim 2023

After the words of Abdallah Amdaz, he said at the Hisbah Board after she invited them where one of them was asked to intercede with God, he said the words that caused you to say, he is the singer and hero Ibrahim Yala, the singer of Baba Buhari “Today, Nigeria is the only one who is honest.” ” he had comments on this matter where he wrote on his page as follows. Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah. Good morning to the community of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. In other words, most of the calamities are caused by not being able to receive the sermon or by some of you. I, Ibrahim Yala, do not make statements like AMDAZ but those who are more painful than him, so that there will be a reformation in this factory, God willing, we will be seen in it.

God willing, this business has been in conflict with God for a long time, unless we tell the truth, not because of selfishness or ignorance, because we don’t know what is halal and haram. By God, I am not the son of my son or anyone else related to him, where is the reason why he will be in the movie, I will not let him.

An industry where no one sees the dignity of others. Because most of us have destroyed each other’s dignity, there is no blessing in what we call a profession. You know the truth, except that there is selfishness, but everything that is said is done, there is no malice or selfishness in it. By the way, I have never found myself in a business that always comes to my mind. This kind of business is ours. I once spoke to someone about how the women in the industry are not self-controlling and they are in violation of the religious system, and he said that these children are the ones who run the industry because they don’t give money. That’s why you see a girl posting in front of the hotel. After spending days chasing her, you even see her write Alhamdu Lillah. Then you see everyone. I know that her business is not a movie and some of our men have become partners of politicians who have no tolerance to be without money and to surrender themselves or to be lazy in any form. If I say that I will continue to write the things I know about this industry, the truth will be surprised because some things have affected me directly, by the way. May God guide you to the right path, Amen.


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