The video that made Khadija stop breathing from Kannywood 2023

The video that made Khadija stop breathing from Kannywood 2023

This is the reason why Kannywood industry actress Khadija was suspended, which is exactly what this video was done in a dance hall which is known as a gala house. The gala house is a house where Kannywood actors and singers come and many of them don’t go to this place because it’s all about making money. Well, this video of Khadija breathing has really caught people’s attention that some on the Tit tok app are calling for Police to arrest this girl who did such a thing because it was too much.

Looking at the complaints that have been lodged with the film filter board, she has responded to people’s calls where they have asked her to come to defend herself and reprimand her for such a useless role but she has listened to the mother of the widow.

Khadija was suspended from the case of the film – leader of Kannywood, that is a video that has spread/they are coming and they are dancing live for lack of self-control, I am ashamed of someone who is not happy and everyone knows the complaints that we receive all the time. We called her to defend herself. Kannywood industry, which is being misled, should not allow such things that can cause controversy. Which can be harmful to the people of Kano state, or our group, we are planning not to engage in such activities but she released this video of the dance hall, we called her to tell her that it failed. The biggest crime you have committed against our board is that you failed to invite us – said leader of Kannywood. We called her and she said she is out of town, when will you come back to town, when she came back to town we know she is in town and she will come even if we get relief from her, even if we reprimand her, she will leave.


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