The truth about abducting a male child’s genitals – research by experts as shown in 2023

The truth about abducting a male child’s genitals – research by experts as shown in 2023

The talk of eradicating malaria which is currently prevalent in northern Nigeria by a doctor who specializes in human health pharm. Musa A. Bello released a scholarly explanation on his social media page for what he was saying with his mouth. Many people do not know that meditation is related to healing during illness. How a person thinks about him, affects his work That’s why you take water and give it to someone and tell him that it is a special medicine that will help him recover from a problem, and then you make sure that others have used it and it is suitable, then what if he drinks it? then he felt the symptoms, that’s it, the medicine is working. That is the power of imagination In the same way, sexual arousal of marital stability is related to emotional feelings. That is why a man thinks about his wife in a certain situation, then he feels his genitals respond even though he does not see her at the time as he says.

The problem that a man will feel when he does not feel the genitals is also called


It is a problem related to memory/thinking. He will feel as if something is going into his body which will arouse him. In the case of a woman, she will feel as if her mother’s head or the labia of her genitals are touching her inside. The world of knowledge has confirmed that it is a mental/mental disorder (Psychiatry Disorder) which originates from different reasons such as:

1. Many thoughts on the size of a person’s genitals. I can say that the people who ask us a lot about how to increase their size are more than the people who ask about how to lose weight. This shows that many people are worried about increasing the size of the thing that the world of education has confirmed that nothing will increase your size unless it is a special operation (surgery). The penis can grow to its maximum size during sex, but it will not exceed its original size. Because people have made themselves think of the shortness of the future, that is why those who deal with it always trade so much. If you tell a person that there is no problem with the size of the thing, then he will think that you are sad for him to have a big thing, even though the size of the thing has nothing to do with the happiness that he will feel or give.

2. Acknowledgment That He Has Bewitched A person begins to think that the person who deleted it just now is a mulera page, then his memory will start reminding him that his thing has disappeared, which in fact is not the case.

3. Excessive masturbation/Masturbation This creates this feeling.

4.The idea that the penis must be 15 inches as it is said in some fake romance books (novels).

This is self-deception, the world of knowledge has confirmed that most people are not more than 5 or 6 inches. Those who have 15 inches in the world are a minority. Th more a person thinks about it, the more he will underestimate it, which can lead to Koro Syndrome. By God, it is a lie, no one can steal your penis unless he cuts it with a knife Some people show videos of others who said they stole someone, but even in the video you will understand that “KORO SYNDROME” has caught the person who is said to have stolen the music. God is generous.


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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