The story of Girlfriend who was with her boyfriend at her house in Kano 2023

The story of Girlfriend who was with her boyfriend at her house in Kano 2023

Lovers say that they want to prevent crime from the story of a young woman who collected tobacco smoke from their house at the new door of her house with her boyfriend in the town of  Kano state in the north of Nigeria as we have heard from the young woman.

Freedom Radio Kano had a conversation with this young woman where she has now spent more than 100 days in their house. The young man lives with his younger brother.

She lived together in her boyfriend’s house  in Kano The story of the girl she met at her boyfriend’s house  in Kano Photo/Freedom Radio Kano “Since the beginning of our meeting with this girl, the children have been teasing her, I was angry, I was upset, and here is my husband’s window.

I sat her and taught her how to speak in the community.

She said she was here.

I love him but I didn’t answer that as he told him himself.

At that moment, she said, “Are you going to get married, and I told her that marriage is God’s will – said the young man.” It was here that this young woman was ashamed of the Baha’i teacher and went to see him and he would do as he said. This is where she told the freedom radio speaker that she was a storm of love, but she said that people should not blame her because she loves every heart.

who is so kind to her that she recites a hadith to justify her stay in their house. “I love him very much and my parents know that I love him so much that I would have a happy marriage with him.

I want to be helped and married to him because it is because of him that I can’t find peace and tranquility, because if I don’t see him, I don’t feel happy in my heart – said the girlfriend. Calling a loving young woman to people. “They should help me marry him” In the report, Abba Saidu Sufi, who is the chief director of the Hisbah Board in Kano State, said that they will invite their loved ones, including their parents, so that a solution can be found.

“This girl should be taken and brought to this authority and her parents will be asked for everything that should be done for her to get married.

They will be given a marriage. God will separate them. It will be done according to the Sharia law. they will be investigated by the Hisbah Board” – said Abba Sufi.


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