The reason why Hisba people are arresting prostitutes in Kano state in 2023

The reason why Hisba people are arresting prostitutes in Kano state in 2023

There is a new story that is currently emerging in Kano state where the Hisba officers have raided the houses of prostitutes, where they are raiding at night or in the evening as we have heard. Now, the photon of the hisba has read the media where you can see the hisba arresting a woman or a man in the hotel as the photon shows, after seeing these photons in the media, the matter has returned to talk. When some people say that what the Hisba do, they ignore it because it is not appropriate, while others say that it is right, when the head of the Hisba, Malam Aminu Daurawa, came out and responded to those who are arguing about this work, Malam Aminu Daurawa said that this is not new.

When he saw his son, he went to the prostitute’s house and it was like that unless some of them had never seen him like he said. Dadin still, the teacher explained about an incident where some people say that it is the punishment for a man who assaults a woman to be put in a car while others say that this is not right. The teacher said that if they were to be destroyed, they should be hugged and go into the car because after this work, who is better, the teacher said that no one should worry because they will continue their work, God will reward them for their work, God bless them in the future.


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