the reason why Atiku will contest in the North East region of Nigeria

By Babangida Ibrahim During the rule of Olusegun Obasanjo, especially in the first four years, Atiku was the one who turned the tables on Obasanjo’s government, because almost all the governors and ministers belonged to him.

In short, in the history of Nigeria, Atiku is the vice president who has had an opportunity that no other vice president has ever had.

Despite the fact that Atiku is from the North-Eastern region of Nigeria, that did not make him look at the region when he was in power.

At that time, Atiku had the opportunity to build the North of Nigeria not only the North East, but he did not build anything in the North East let alone the North as a whole.

Even in Adamawa state, there is no strong work that Atiku has done for the state who will beat their chest and say that their son did this work as a result of his position as the vice president.

In short, the road to enter the local government where he was born was made by President Buhari, the road to his home state Adamawa was also renewed by President Buhari after killing thousands of people.


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