The Nigerian Council of Teachers condemns Israel’s violence against Palestinians in 2023

The Nigerian Council of Teachers condemns Israel’s violence against Palestinians in 2023

He made this announcement on his Facebook page. The Council of Scholars in Nigeria joins the ranks of millions of Muslims and other people to sympathize in condemning the killing of innocents by the Israeli Jewish government in the country of Palestine. These attacks are coming as part of the continued seizure and occupation of Palestinian territories by the Jewish forces since the establishment of the illegal state of Israel more than seventy years ago, at the same time that the international organizations The world should fold their hands and look at the illegal measures that the Israelis continue to take to destroy and injure children and adults, men and women, and abuse these servants of God, who do not listen. they did not see. The Hall of Scholars calls on the United Nations (UN), the Organization of Muslim Nations (OIC), the International Organization for Islamic Cooperation (MWL) and all other institutions and authorities concerned to join forces and put an end to it. this program of barbarism and disbelief that Israel is notorious for carrying out against civilians who have no power to defend themselves. The events that continue to happen in Gaza and all the occupied Palestinian territories continue to make a mockery of all international organizations, especially the powerful international institutions that are said to have been established to ensure independence and protect human rights and the right to life. It is a great shame that the United Nations failed to find a permanent solution to the Palestinian conflict, and continued to allow Israel to stand up to all the resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations, after years of empty promises and peace agreements that ended in nonsense. It’s just that, without any reason, Israel has been made as if it is more valuable than other countries in the world, so it has never been sanctioned due to excesses or disobeying the resolutions of the United Nations.

It is necessary for the Arab and Middle Eastern countries to wake up from their slumber and work hard to stop the oppression of the Jews against the Palestinians. They must realize that any attempt to get closer to each other and open the door to Israel, like the experience of the Palestinian people, is wrong, because Israel has no intention or intention of peace and justice with the Palestinians. And even if it is said that the Arab countries will not do this important work out of compassion and love for the truth and following the legal way to ensure justice, then they should do this to prevent Israel from achieving its long-term plan and goals, and to ensure the evil dream she has of creating a “Greater Israel” that will occupy most of the Arab regions. and the countries of the Middle East, including the two Grand Mosques. Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent declaration of a “new Middle East region”, is one of the first steps in this matter, and if left unchallenged, there is a lot of damage done to it. Israel’s human rights abuses will continue for years to come. Therefore, it is necessary for the Muslim countries to use every means they have to participate in this matter, physically and forcefully; not only by imposing economic sanctions on Israel and its allies which encourages it in its evil work in Palestine; as well as speaking out against the ‘international organizations’ about how they are acting, showing bias in not forcing Israel to return to law and order. They must also unite to support the victims of Israel’s attacks on Palestine.

The rest of the Muslims, individually and in their groups and communities, must be worried and agitated about this tragedy that the people of Palestine are going through. The Prophet (PBUH) said; “Believers in their compassion and love for each other and gentleness among themselves are like one body; If any part of him is suffering from pain, the rest of his body mourns him through sleeplessness and fever.” (Sahih Bukhari, 6011) At the same time, the Council of Scholars is praising the countries of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait and other countries of the world for releasing the statement of their strong position, condemning the measures taken by Israel, and warning her that she is ready to take responsibility for any consequences that will follow from excessive violence. Finally, the Hall of Scholars calls on the Muslim community and other peace-loving people around the world to join forces in condemning the provocation and oppression of the Jews against the Palestinian people. under the oppression of Israel, while praying and working hard to ensure justice, peace and development in the world. This speech was signed on Tuesday 25th R. Awwal 1445 AH (October 10, 2023) Aminu Inuwa Muhammad MSW, MFCE Session Chair Engr. Basheer Adamu Aliyu Secretary


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