The maulas came out: People cheered Ali Nuhu for congratulating Gawuna on his success in court 2023

The maulas came out: People cheered Ali Nuhu for congratulating Gawuna on his success in court 2023

The famous actor of the Hausa film industry of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu, popularly known as Sarki, reacted after the Court of Appeal confirmed Nasir Yusuf Gawuna as the elected governor of Kano in 2023. On Friday, the 17th of November, the Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja impeached the governor of Kano state, Abba Kabir Yusuf, and nullified his victory in the March 18th election. As is known, the Kannywood industry plays a very active role in promoting candidates especially in Kano state which is their center. There is a division between the filmmakers where everyone tends to the candidates they want.

Majiyamu legit reported that everyone knows Ali Nuhu Gawuna supported him during the governorship election but they lost that time. So now that the Court of Appeal has won the side of his candidate, he came out to congratulate him on his page Here is what the actor wrote on his page “I congratulate you on your victory in the Court of Appeal @dr.nasirugawuna and @murtala_garo.” The people responded to Ali Nuhu and applauded him for his strong opinion However, this congratulatory message that the actor sent to Gawuna did not please many of his page followers where they came out and shouted at him. Our Legit Hausa source collected some of his followers’ responses below: official_adam_bosz: “Well, the maullas have started.” _virus__official. “You have joined the ranks of disobeying God and disobeying destiny.” ashalaf90: “I don’t want to waste my life, Abba Zama, I have the will of God.” excellenc008: “I never knew I was following Jahili until now. Oh forget! Isn’t he a citizen of the state, that’s why he would like the touch people to take it over and destroy it. So God is better than you and other than you, the vain and the empty. c.e.o_albany_enterprises: “He who praises after injustice, what is his punishment in God’s presence Director @realalinuhu.” abseed__30: “@hafsieabdie thank you, now we know where he is going, he is right there, I know him.” hafsieabdie: “When Abba became governor, why don’t you post him and congratulate him.” syllar_lk: “You will see that we are united and bound.” bn_ismail_kaware: “There was lightning, but the hypocrites came out.” maawiyya_ahmad: “Those who say that the supreme court will not succeed,  will attack you and run with you. by the gres of god at the tribunal Abba said, that’s the appeal, then the supreme court will also say by the gres of god in a minute. 30 Abba will be defeated from house to house with the POWER of GOD.” umar_designs: “This is a shame for Kano State. Those who did not steal the votes and saw the election papers, today they are the ones who are being forced into the people of Kano, they are the ones who will rule. Oh God, all those who are involved in this thing, oh God, don’t let them be able to enjoy life in this world, God bless the poor people of Kano, Amen.” mall.a9304:

When something happens in Nigeria, where there is conspiracy, cruelty and lack of fear of God, then when it comes to Nigeria, everyone is a good man. Aman, this thing is not worth it. God has made us, God, not to spread injustices in Nigeria. “_abdoul_asi_: “I think you are a great king, but Gsky is not jealous of you and the people of Kano state.


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