The famous footballer Ahmed musa helped Baba Karkuzu ₦500,000 Naira

The famous Nigerian football player, Captin Ahmed Musa MON has ordered to find a house whose cost is 4 million to 5 million naira to buy the Hausa film actor, Baba Karkuzu, and now he has sent him a financial support of 4 million naira 500,000 in order to make amends for the hardships, pressures and hardships of his life.

In an interview with Dokin Karfe TV, Captain Ahmed Musa stated that “I spoke to Baba Karkuzu over the phone and I assured him that I will give him 500,000 Naira to help him.

After that, I told him that I ordered to find him a house worth 4 million to 5 million naira, I will buy it for him from here and we will see how I can help him more”.

Said Ahmed Musa.

The famous football player Ahmed Musa helped Baba collect ₦500,000 Naira In the last few days, it was heard that the former Hausa player, Baba Karkuzu is complaining about the situation he is in, to the point where he is blind and unable to see because of the hardships of life, even some people are asking him for support on Social Media to help him.


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