The bride cut her body and fell to her death while her wedding ceremony was interrupted

A bride named Rebecca Oyedotun died on her wedding day in Ogbomoso town of Oyo state.

The tragic incident happened on the eve of the deceased’s wedding when she was having a party with her friends.

According to the deceased’s father, Evangelist Oyedotun of the C&S Reformed Church, Isale-High School, the one-quarter bride did not show any signs of illness until she collapsed at about 10:30am before she died.

and later the bride died.

Abiodun Oluwadamilare’s wedding on Saturday, August 19, 2023.

The groom’s parents slaughtered the cow in Ogbomoso, and being the only groom, Abiodun, the groom was happy, not knowing that the bride’s fate was hidden behind the door.

Although the mother of the deceased, Mrs.uth Oyedotun, could not speak because of grief, the father, Evangelist Oyedotun stated that they immediately took the bride after she collapsed to the LAUTECH teaching hospital to save her life until the wedding ceremonies were over.

“We took her to LAUTECH teaching hospital in Ogbomoso.

After some time, she recovered, until dawn on Saturday, her condition worsened so she was confined to bed.

“We were even asked to take her to Bowen University Teaching Hospital for some tests, which we did without delay.

“The bridegroom fainted, crying, and said, ‘Let me take her.’ “We are lying in the hospital throughout this Saturday.

Her illness worsened until she was hospitalized, according to Tori News.

According to the bridegroom’s sister, preparations were made a long way before the incident.


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