Surprisingly, Taking Male Enhancement Pills Makes Housewives a Spectator in Town 2023

Surprisingly, Taking Male Enhancement Pills Makes Housewives a Spectator in Town 2023.

A man was rushed to the hospital, after taking male enhancement pills, he refused to go to bed despite the efforts of family members and friends to control the situation. A specialist nurse at the Sokoto Specialist Hospital, Ibrahim Abdullahi, said that the decision to operate on the man in front of him was a matter of time, because they had to spend three days treating the man before he went to bed Aminiya Hausa newspaper. her social media page. Ibrahim who said that the man has become a spectacle even for his wife’s friends, explained that “If we had not succeeded, he would have been put to work and he would go to bed but he would not wake up forever.”

How would you feel if you were this person, or if it was your husband that happened to him? Why do people take male enhancement pills? Prevalence of erectile dysfunction drugs Male potency medicine or male enhancement medicine and other names they are called in the Hausa community, drinking and using it is common in this part of the North. Medicine is one of the businesses that many people are doing and money is being made in it these days. “This time the use of male medicine is too much; I think two things have caused the use of drugs, women and the food we eat now. “Women for their part prefer obscenity above everything else. “Every time they meet at the wedding house, they start talking about sex between them and their husbands. This is where a woman will feel different from the way her husband treats her, and then she decides that her husband will sleep with her like this.” . “The woman herself will tell him to take medicine so that he can treat her as she pleases. And if she is afraid of him among the women who told her, she will ask them to find the medicine for her and put it in food for the husband to eat without him knowing, then she will treat him until he continues to deal with her. the medicine to try to get her satisfaction”, said Muhammad Inuwa, an analyst on current affairs. He continued, “In terms of food, many people say that the food we eat now, especially magi, freezes male energy.” “In an effort to satisfy his family, he went back to taking men’s medicine. It is difficult for the authorities to do anything about it because even the medical treatment is not properly taken care of, especially for men, which is seen as something that is only seen as an opportunity. “If there is a problem, until today I have not heard the experts say the side effects of this medicine clearly, but only vaguely because there is no medicine that does not have side effects, starting from paracetamol, if it is said that men’s medicine has side effects, then we have to say what kind , because I am the only person who has heard that he is blind to the use of male enhancement pills in Katsina State. “After that, there is no explanation except that you have heard that they cause high blood pressure or liver disease or urinary incontinence.” “But you can actually see the harm in an old or young person,” he said.


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