Sick Thief Drives Hearse to Hospital

The police arrested the car thief in Takwasa village in Jigawa State A patient with a broken leg stole an ambulance with medicines in it in Kano State.

The police arrested the thief of the ambulance in Takwasa village of Buura Local Government of Jigawa State while he was trying to escape with it.

Aminiya newspaper reported Jigawa State Police Spokesman, ASP Lawan Shiisu, said, “The police found the car in Takwasa village of Babura Local Government in Jigawa State, in the hands of a man from Daura Local Government of Katsina State, whose a bad fracture in his leg.

” He said that the discovery of the vehicle was announced after receiving the report, “the theft of an ambulance – a ‘Hummer Bus’ with no number on its body – and the drugs in it, owned by Ungogo Local Government of Kano State, in Kanya Hore village in Kano State Spit Horse Local Government.

The police from the Central Police Office in Buura Local Government of Jigawa State went to work, where they found her the next day at about 8 o’clock in the morning on Monday 11th of December.

He added that the investigation is ongoing before the suspect is brought before the court.



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