Severe Famine in Nigeria Married Women Offer Themselves to Men to Buy Food – Mahdi Shehu

Mahadi Shehu said that many married women are used by men to get money to buy food for their children because the men do not have money to feed them because of hunger.

A native of Katsina state, Dankasuwa, who owns a list of Dialogue companies, Dr. Alhaji Muhammadu Mahadi Shehu, stated this on his page called Rescue Arewa Urgently, on Saturday 19 August 2023. Earlier, he said that most of the Northern Nigerians did not come out and went to the pulpit and told their followers to vote for Bola Tinubu.

Tell him about the situation of the Nigerian people in poverty, hunger and hardship because they are not given what is being given to them by his government.

He pointed out that, because of the problem of hunger, most married women feed their husbands and children by giving themselves to men outside because they have no way to get money to eat food if not in this way especially in Northern Nigeria.

According to him, a woman told him through her mouth that her friend was worried because she gave herself to earn money to feed herself, her children and her husband, where she finally told her husband that she gave herself to earn the money she was giving him because She is not coming to work as she had lied before, so the husband said to forgive her for everything she has done and what she is planning to do so that he knows what they are going through.

Mahadi Shehu reminded the scholars that, just as they went to Niger and advised against war, he is calling on them to go to President Bola Tinubu’s palace and tell him about the situation he has put the Nigerian people in and not to be afraid to fight.

to him like that. He said that if they fail to tell him the truth, God will ask them and the community will make bad interpretations, especially when they are on the pulpit and campaign against him.

He also added that many of the scholars rejected the fatwa of anyone who did not vote for Bola Tinubu and did not fulfill the Muslims, thus they influenced the opinion of their followers to vote for him. But it was not even 4 months into his rule that famine afflicted the people of the country and the cost of living, because of the love of the world, the scholars could not tell him the truth so that he would not cut the money he was giving them and the tickets to Makkah and Umarah and others.

foreign countries.

He explained that even the enemy of God and His Messenger knows that hunger leads to hunger, poverty leads to poverty that you will see a husband run away and leave his wife, children and family because of the famine because he has nothing to feed them and he is also afflicted by hunger.

He stressed that, although the poverty they are suffering from does not affect their children and their wives, that is why they are not concerned about what the community is going through.

He said that they should not forget that there is a contradiction because wealth does not last and poverty does not last and life is uncertain.


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