Player Sadio also praised the list of players to Saudi Arabia

Player Sadio also praised the list of players to Saudi Arabia.

By Bashir Muhammad Maiwada.

The agreement between player Sadio Mane and the Al Nassr Football Club in Saudi Arabia is about to be concluded soon. In the report, it is said that all the information has been collected on paper and the medical examination is expected to be done soon to conclude the contract soon.

This happened after Bayern Munich’s football team expressed their displeasure with Chigaba and staying with the player in their club.

If you don’t forget, the player had a problem with his teammate Leorey Sane in the past few months.

Although the player has shown that he will accept all the challenges that he will face in the team, but the club has shown that he does not want to be with him.

Do you have any hope for the player considering that they will be in the same club as Christiano Ronaldo??



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