Of course the price of a bag of cement can reach N9,000 in Nigeria No wonder 2023

Of course the price of a bag of cement can reach N9,000 in Nigeria No wonder 2023

A few days ago, we brought you a report on the plan of the owner of BUA cement company, which gave good news to people that it will reduce the price of cement, but unfortunately, we have come across an unpleasant news that the newspaper dclhausa published about how the price will rise. the winner of the election where he has to double his money as the announcement came out. “The Nigerian Cement Manufacturers’ Association pointed out that as long as the federal government does not stop its plan to use the system of pouring concrete on the roads that are being built, the price of cement can reach 9,000 naira in the country. In the current situation, a 59 kilogram concrete block is being sold for N5,000 or more in some places, Dclhausa newspaper reported.

Also, the organization has drawn the attention that there is a need for the government to intervene in the increase in the price of cement in recent days by helping the cement processing industry. The association, in a statement by its President Prince David Iweta and Secretary Reagan Ifomba, commended the Federal Ministry of Construction for its efforts to use concrete in road construction, but pointed out that the excessive use of concrete it will make it more sought after and that will make it more expensive in the market.”


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