My biggest dream in life is to become the first female head of state in Nigeria or governor in Kano state – Zainab Nasir

Zainab Nasir Ahmad, a famous young activist who is famous for attracting controversy especially in the new modern communication media (Social Media), and trying to protect the rights of the community and humanitarian work, said that she has no ambitions.

In her past life, she saw her as the President of Nigeria or as the governor of Kano State to overcome the problems that men are unable to overcome.

Zainab stated this in her interview with Iron Horse TV, where she added that she has full hope and confidence that her dream of becoming the president or governor of Kano State will come true.

“I don’t worry about what people say about me, because I foresee success, and I am sure that I will reach my goal”. Said by Zainab Naseer.

My biggest dream in life is to become the first female head of state in Nigeria or governor in Kano state – Zainab Nasir My biggest dream in life is to become the first female head of state in Nigeria or governor in Kano state – Zainab Nasir Photo / Zainab Nasir “I want the government of Nigeria or Kano State because I have put an end to the problems that have troubled us such as the problem of rape of children and women, the problem of corruption and bribery and the problem of terrorism that men have failed to solve.

I have the desire to see the economy develop so that the youth will get jobs to eradicate poverty in Nigeria or Kano State so that people can live in peace and progress in all aspects of life”.

Said by Zainab Naseer.

Regarding the weak understanding that some people in the community have about women’s leadership, Zainab explained that “even in the history of Islam, women are not left behind in the field of contributing to the development of the community.

Example: The Messenger of God (S.A.W) succeeded in spreading the religion of Islam with the help of women in his family.

His wife, Nana Khadija, is a successful business woman whom God has provided with a lot of wealth. Nana Khadija helped the messenger of God (S.A.W) with the contribution of the money for managing claims, the contribution of advice and the contribution of good behavior and encouraging him in his work to deliver the message of God (Messenger), this is another example that shows bravery and women’s sacrifice for the community”.

Said Zainab. Zainab also added that: “Even in the field of education and teaching, women are not left behind because most of the famous scholars who collected the hadiths of the Messenger of God (S.A.W) were first taught by women.

For example: Ibn Hajar took lessons from about 53 women.

As-Sakhawi also studied from about 68 women.

Imam Suyuti also studied from about 33 women. She said.

Zainab added: “The Messenger of God (S.A.W) taught that just as sons should have the freedom to live and get education and other rights, so should daughters have this freedom.

No one is better than another in the sight of God except the one who is more pious and fearing God.

The claim of the Messenger of God (S.A.W) is to provide freedom to female children by informing the Arabs of the Jahiliyyah era to refrain from burying them, so this is enough of an example that the community will understand that men and women all have rights.

and the freedom to seek leadership”.

She said.

Regarding the qualifications and quality of leadership, Zainab stated that “women deserve to be given every opportunity to lead the community because in a research report that was released, between men and women, who is more qualified Community leadership in the political leadership system? The results show that six percent (6%) of the people (2,250) who were polled said that women are more qualified to be political leaders than men.

And one in five people (21%) stated that men are more qualified than women to be political leaders.

In a unanimous opinion, sixty-nine percent (69%) stated that there is no difference in quality in terms of the qualifications of political leadership between men and women, in general their quality is the same, men are not better than women, neither are women.

not better than men, that’s why we can even better than men to do something that can be seen”.

Said by Zainab Naseer.

In the end, Zainab asked the community to continue to pray for her and give her cooperation and support so that her dreams come true and she succeeds in solving the problems that men have failed to solve in this country.


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