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MUSIC: BOC-Material

Peace be opon to you, lovers and friends, listen to Hausa hip hop songs, and other Hausa songs, I salute you because you are a Nazi, you have a package of Hausa hip hop songs, and of course these songs, is differnt and other songs, Hausa hip hop for sure .

Because if you look at Wanda who made

Is talent songs, and in the case of the songs, Hausa hip hop of the areas, he is data in, the big Hausa hip hop singers.

Do you know who this singer is? His name is B O C, I know some of you know him, some of you have heard about him for sure.

Because he brings you his new songs, and for this time, these songs must be said by those who have listened to them, so I want everyone to listen to them, for your well-being, and I know you will enjoy them for sure.

Please don’t bother me with noise, because I know everything I’m going to say, you won’t be able to listen to them for sure, so try to download them on your phone.

And in order to get new Hausa songs and, if you are Hausa hip hop, stay in this blessed house of ours, listen safely.

Thank you for visiting this blessed house.

Material || DWONLOAD NOW


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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