Wakokin Hausa

MUSIC: Aliyu Nata-Gwabro Ayi Aure

The new song of ALIYU NATA” comes with his new song which he sings to the youth, and the song sings to those who don’t even know how to look at girls, he tells the truth about boys and how Duke Karin should get married, for sure.

Do you know the name of this song? Her name is GWABRO” the song must be very sweet because he is also very good at singing, not like a wedding song.

He said many things about those who did not get married, 560data and he sang the song Me after he got married, the song must be very sweet.

I will listen to you on your phone for your enjoyment, please listen and thank you very much for visiting this blessed house of ours, to find new and old songs, and this blessed house of ours.



Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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