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MUSIC: Ali Jita-Aminiya

MUSIC: Ali Jita-Aminiya

The new song of the famous Hausa singer, this song is sure to be very enjoyable, for sure! Do you know who the singer is, “ALI JITA” will be playing on your phone for your entertainment.

Of course this song, now on the communication channel, the song is being played for sure, look at the singer who is very skilled for sure! try to download it on your phone.

I know that whatever I am going to say about this song, you probably don’t know if you have listened to it on your phone, do you know the name of the song? Her name is “AMINIYA” she must be very sweet for sure.

Let’s stay in this blessed house of ours, for your welfare in this blessed house of ours, don’t forget the name of this blessed house of ours, which is “AREWARANK“.

Thank you very much for your visit.

Atiste Name: Ali Jita

Song Name: Aminiya

Duration: 8:30mns

Format: Mp3 High Quality

Release Date: 14/ 06/2023



Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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