Kwankwaso warned married couples to avoid checking each other’s phones in 2023

Kwankwaso warned married couples to avoid checking each other’s phones in 2023

The NNPP presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, has called on married couples to avoid checking each other’s phones in order to avoid conflicts in marriage. He made the call on Saturday during the party organized by the Kano state government to celebrate the ‘marriage of widows or marriage of privilege’ held in the city of Kano. On Friday, the government of Kano state married 1,800 women and their 1,800 brides, which it had been preparing for months, in its plan to bring progress and betterment of society among the people of the state. TRTAFRIKA Hausa newspaper of.

On Saturday, the government organized a grand party which was attended by dignitaries from all over the country, including governors, teachers, businessmen and others. Distinguished guests held various speeches to congratulate the Kano State government under the leadership of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf for its decision to marry 1,800 people. In his speech, Senator Kwankwaso, who started marrying widows when he was the president of Kano state, warned the newlyweds to obey Islamic laws in the management of marriage. “I call on them (couples) to be people who follow the rules of marriage as prescribed by Islam. And they must be very careful not to do anything that will cause this privileged marriage to have a problem. There are a thousand types of advice that people can give you, and I know that you have already been given, and will continue to be given. Teachers will say theirs, businessmen and others will say theirs,” said Senator Kwankwaso. He added: “I will give them one advice: now God has brought us another age of telephone. Almost everyone has a phone. So, everyone should protect the phone of their husband or wife because now they are facing problems in marriage in this country and the whole world.”


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