Information on the $700m loan given by the World Bank to Nigeria to support women small business owners 2023

Information on the $700m loan given by the World Bank to Nigeria to support women small business owners 2023

The World Bank said it has given Nigeria a loan of 700 million dollars to support the program for women called ‘adolescent girls’ learning and empowerment’ which supports women to get education and empower them. The bank stated this in a statement it released on its website on Friday. The TRT Afrika newspaper reported. He said that the purpose of providing this money is to increase the number of states where this program is carried out and to include women who do not go to school and people with disabilities.

The World Bank has approved an additional 700 million dollars for Nigeria to develop the ‘Adolescent Girls Initiative for Learning and Empowerment program’ whose goal is to provide more opportunities for secondary education for women in the states that are being planned. “The additional money will increase the program from the current seven states to 11 and increase the number of women who benefit, including those who do not go to school, married people and people with disabilities,” said the statement. In the AGILE program which is currently being implemented in states including Borno, Ekiti, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi and Plateau, the number of children going to school has increased from 900 thousand to 1.6 million, the bank said. Also under the program, more than 5,000 libraries have been renovated and more than 250,000 women have received support. The bank stated that Nigeria has more than 12 to 15 million children who do not go to school and the bank said that most of the children are from the north of Nigeria, the region where the number of women who complete secondary school is less than the south of the country. The bank also stated that there are more conflicts and riots around schools affecting more than one million children from 2020 to 2021, the reason why many of them did not go back to school.


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