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“I’m completely calm about giving birth,” said a young woman

For those of you who are listening and watching the media, here is a new story where you will hear a young woman come up with her own plan where she came out in the open and hates giving birth in the next few days because it will be difficult for the couple.

The proof of what she is saying with her mouth is that the young woman came out in the media and on her page where she said that she is the one who will marry and she agreed that she will not marry to have children because she hates that and she has to have someone who will marry her.

He accepted her argument because she said that she would not be able to work as a maid for the son she will give birth to.

She would have a difficult time like a maid.

Her truth is that she will not be able to do this job because it is difficult and a waste of time.

That is why she said that she is surprised by people who want to give birth to many children.

Iran says she is not giving birth, she is very worried that if she does not give birth, she will also give birth in a quarter of a day, as long as a man will marry her, they said yes, they will not give birth.

forever, if there is no one, no one should come to her, said mice, may God protect her from this iron attitude of this girl, thank you for getting new good news.


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