I stopped praying where they didn’t give me a home – an Elder says the truth

I stopped praying where they didn’t give me a home – an Elder says the truth

An old man who came from the northern state of Nigeria claimed that he would not pray again until his house was returned to him. This old man had a dispute with someone who loaned him seventeen thousand naira 17k only but he claimed that he must have bought this house. The man who is in this dispute said that the house was sold to him and he said that he brought dealers and he failed, he brought many witnesses and he failed, he called my neighbors but he failed.

That man brought different people, but this old man won, the court dismissed the case, he said he didn’t agree, the court said let him pay his debt, he said he didn’t agree. I was paying but he said he didn’t answer, he asked for the paper and signed it now the paper is in my hand – said the old man. Then this man appealed and took him to another court, the court took over the house and sent him to jail, I spent 18 days there. They claimed that I am not going to court, that’s why they took over the house, gave me a loan and sent me to jail. After I came back from the court after a few days in prison, I was on a bike, they put handcuffs on me, they came to my house, they put some people on them, they detained me, they entered the house while I was watching, they demolished my house, took my things and brought them into the water. the old man


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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