I have the evidence why I am helping you in court Alhaji Sheshe 2023

I have the evidence why I am helping you in court Al’hajji Sheshe 2023

Yesterday, one of the film producers, Mustapha Ahmad Alhaji Sheshe, took Abdallah Amdaz to court where a summons was sent to him not a month ago and as he who was sued said that he had received the summons but they should know. if the trumpet is blown, it will never break by itself. We have brought you the story of the court here at ArewaRankand we said that more information is coming, now we have had an interview with Freedom Kano radio station where he is explaining the reason for making this case against what he is saying.

“I took this step because I am a Muslim, a complete stranger, I don’t even know my place after Kano, my family is respectable, I have respect in my family and my neighborhood where my industry produces movies. After all, I know that I am not one of those who violate the law of film in Kano and I am not one of those who violate the religion in the production of my films, I am not one of those who show the fault of the government or any other tribe. But just like that, a man came and gave us money and said to us, you are scoundrels, those who do wrong in front of an authority, I am just sitting there, I am married, I have a child, I have a good religious education, I worship God, and I protect the limits of the laws of my Lord. , someone just came to abuse me and I let him. Because I’m afraid of what people will say, if things go like this, it’s only because I worship God and I believe that the Lord Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) is the thing I love the most in my life, I love my parents, I love my family, I love my family and friends. allow it.

I took this decision because he came to list the names of these people who are doing what he said, I gave him 48 hours as my lawyer wrote. Whether he comes to remove me from this talk he made with all the people or most of the industries they are doing wrong this year, if he doesn’t come to defend himself, we will go to court, and I hope the court will hear my complaint. justice, this is my reason for writing him this letter and it is the reason for going to court in the future – said Alhaji Sheshe.


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