‘Humility’ prevented Rarara from revealing that he studied for a degree in university – protecting Rarara’s reputation 2023

‘Humility’ prevented Rarara from revealing that he studied for a degree in university – protecting Rarara’s reputation 2023

After Dauda Kahutu Rarara’s interview with journalists, it was said that he should be given two ministers if they are directors, if they are divided, he should be given fifteen if ten others are given. Everyone’s words are looking at it as not putting thought and reason into this statement because even Abdulmajeed Almustapha, the commander who is better known as son of bulkisu the commander said, “Thank you very much, what you say should be discussed with you. All the people who have contributed to this journey are criminals, but they are not.” consult with them except the singer. ‘It is modesty that prevents Rarara from revealing that he studied for a degree at the university Humility prevented Rarara from revealing that he studied at the university Then there is the Dcl hausa newspaper where the representative of Du Zaharadeen Khutu Kura had a conversation with a dear Dauda Kahutu Rarara named Jamilu dan Kuda who defends the reputation of Rarara where he says that Rarara has a degree. Here is what he said in their conversation. “Rarara has a degree, we have full proof that he has a degree, why are you coming out and telling people to stop this rumor and nonsense, he is not enough to be a chicken. And what I’m worried about today is that he deserves to be given a minister, not that he should be given a minister to hold, today you give the minister the surplus and he will give it to someone else and the northerner will give it to him” said bee. The questioner: do you think that what everyone who has read too much to get a degree is what he studied? I have already said “mass communication” and he studied journalism at the “open university online” school and I told the world to know, and I am telling you that in the future we will reveal the certificate of David Kahutu Rarara. that is his certificate that the world has seen and witnessed. Rarara had to spend four years studying and there was no talk of buying a certificate – said bee. In his opinion, he said that if we were to speak, a person would not be able to speak English, but now if he becomes the president of Nigeria, you should be able to speak in English in a meeting even with the media. You can speak in Hausa the way other countries in the world speak in their own language, like Saudi Arabia, you can talk to them, China does what they like, but we are behind in politics, so you have to speak English – bee said. Watch the video here to listen to the full song


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