How To Stop Your Android Phone From Capturing And Running Out Of Charge Quickly.

In our lesson we will bring you detailed information on how to solve the problem of holding the phone when you use it.

Then We Will Bring You Detailed Information On How To Solve The Problem Of Charging In A Short Time.

All we need is for you to read this information from the beginning to the end in order to understand it properly.

Well, there are two ways to solve this problem, the first way is by clicking on the icon “Do Not Disturb”.

However, this do not disturb symbol does not appear on small phones, if the phone is not older than version 9, 10, 11, then this symbol will be difficult to display on this phone.

So if your phone has this symbol, you will directly click on this symbol, this symbol is there if you drag the top of your phone as if you are going to open your phone’s data or you are going to open bluetooth, then here if you take the names of the things in this place, you will see this symbol of do not disturb.

Clicking on this icon will stop any application that is blocking the charging of your phone, even if it is a wireless phone.

If your phone is below version 9, then the best way is, you will enter the settings of your phone, from there you will go to the place where the apps or apps management is written, it depends on how your phone is.

So here you will click on the place where apps or app management is written, here it will take you to the page where you will see all the applications that you have installed, then click on facebook.

After you click on Facebook, it will send some information about it, then here you will find the place where the notifications are written.

You can do the same with any application that broadcasts its ads even if you don’t use it, for example WhatsApp, Opera, Youtube, Vidmate and other applications whose messages bother you.

So doing this will be very effective in reducing the amount of charge your phone makes, and it will further reduce the amount of charge your phone takes compared to the way it was before.

And reducing the brightness of the phone screen also helps to reduce the phone’s charge, and also using less applications also helps to use the phone more comfortably.

This is just one of the things that we have found for you in terms of the things in which your mobile phones are the ones that take a lot of charge and hold back.

Where all of us here we bring you to the end of this lesson where we hope you will have this page of ours blessed Hikimatv to get our new programs every time. by stermera


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