How to cover the cost of your phone line (airtime) so that no one can call you.

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So don’t waste time with someone.

In today’s lesson we are going to teach you how to cover the cost of your Android phone.

Read this information from the beginning to the end to know and understand how this thing works.

Well, first of all, let’s comment on this problem, how sometimes a person says, “Lend me your phone, I’ll do something stupid to say that this is what he really wants.” Most of all, as soon as you give them your phone, they move to the side, then you don’t call their girlfriend or any other person, and the rest of your card is lost. This often happens where sometimes your brother or sister or your wife use the money you put in your phone to call them and delete the missed call. Where are you and in the end if you look at Kaduba and find that you don’t have this money and you don’t have enough money or it will run out soon, start gossiping and saying that your money has been stolen. These types of reasons are why we are trying to find information on how to solve this problem because I know that this problem is very painful for some people.

We made this post so that those who don’t know me, and those who know me should read it. If you want to cover your expenses on your phone line so that no one can call it a scam with your confidence, click here. *330000# You will dial these numbers on the line you want to hide your money, for example if you want to prevent anyone from calling you with SIM 1 then you will dial these numbers with SIM 1, and if it is with SIM 2, you will also dial These are the numbers for this Sim for Sim 2. So if you want to open your money that is (Airtime) in English, click on these numbers directly. The numbers are like this… *330*0000# If you press this number, your account will open, you can continue to call as usual.

So this is the brief information on how to cover your expenses from your phone’s SIM card to prevent someone from using it without your knowledge or consent.

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