how the bride found out her groom committed adultery with another woman on their wedding day

Today we bring you another wonderful and surprising story like how the bride realized that the day she was excited to meet her husband but he had to ask for a moon to seduce her.

who remembers how the story was.

how the bride found out her groom committed adultery with another woman on their wedding day how the bride found out her groom had adultery with her on the day of their wedding Photo/Instagram People, welcome to join the Taskira page, a page that brings to you various issues that affect the community, including what is related to marriage.

Like the previous weeks, the Taskira page received messages from the followers of the page, and today the page came across another message, where the name of the person who sent it was requested to be hidden, the message began by saying: “Peace be upon you, son of God, I want to be advised, I am in a state of tension, I feel like I have killed myself.

” Today is the third week since I got married, but I feel like I’m not getting married.

By God, my husband is an adulterer, it’s been 4 days since I saw something with my eyes, by God, since the day I saw someone, I have been sick until today.

My husband went out for Fajr prayer and the fire took him and I took his phone and turned on the light. I was sitting praying Tasbihi as if I was playing.

I joined WhatsApp, by the way, the girls he was ‘charting’ with were more than ten.

By God, the way I understood their chat with her on the day of our wedding, he committed adultery, she told him to go to his wedding and leave her in his ‘sparm’, by God, she even told the story of our ‘first night’ to her, saying ” Hello, dear?”, the son of God is ready to welcome him and he will come tomorrow and he has to go there.

By God I remember the ‘Date’ in the morning he left and said we were going to the bank and he didn’t come back until after Azahar.

Now the advice you will give me is how to ask for a divorce, because by God it would be better for me to spend my life without marriage if I lived with this man, and he is not more than 30 years old, but he has ruined his life, and please help me, I pray to God that’s why I didn’t get pregnant from him”.


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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