Honestly, we are not happy with the way hisbah went to invite us – Al’hassan2023

Honestly, we are not happy with the way hisbah went to invite us – Al’hassan2023

The Kannywood Industry Actors Association said it was not happy with Hisbah’s invitation. The group said that it did not deserve to be invited to TikTok. The leader of the Al’hassanĀ  Group explained this to Freedom Radio and what he was saying.

First of all, we thank God and the Hisbah board invited us to this meeting because we are important, but to be honest, it is not appropriate to be treated like tiktok or other people, we are companies and we have leaders of organizations. I failed to go to the states. And we have housewives who have water and grains in this school, what should have been done even at that time when he was on this chair, Mr. Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, we ourselves had to ask to bring ourselves. We should either write a letter to the Film Censor Board, because it is involved in all these groups, to deny the people we invite to do this session, but we have not been sent a letter, even if it has been sent. Let’s go to the radio station and say that we are wanted. We are wanted and we are wanted. This is what we think about ourselves – said Alhassan Kolle Alhassan Kwalle added that it is as if a person has committed a crime and is being sought. To be honest, we are grateful for this invitation, but the hisbah board that corrected this mistake has come back to confirm that we are children and companions. in this group we have a machine – the ball. Are you going to go to the Hisbah Board on Monday? “No, it’s just a joke to call you by the media and say you are wanted, and you haven’t done anything wrong, as a professional, we have at least seven different groups, which and we have a national organization and a state organization, which should have been followed and an invitation letter sent to us. In this way, we will give time or if we are given time, we will set our time, but only go on the radio and say that you are being asked to do something wrong.” – said Al’hassan made comments showing their displeasure that they are treated like tiktok people. Listen to the rest of his speech here.


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