don’t let them taste it until they buy it, if they taste it they won’t buy it and it will rot – according to a young woman

A prominent user of social media made a post on her social media page where she spoke about her social media profile, Murjanatu Diri.

A lot of people have made a lot of comments about this, but when our source talked to her, she showed that this is what she is attracted to her sisters, not obscenity.

“My advice goes to my sisters, “Don’t let them taste it until they buy it, if they taste it, they won’t buy it and it will rot.”

The meaning of what I am talking about here is that, as a woman, don’t let a man use your opportunity to take away your dignity, don’t let a man take advantage of your dignity no matter how hard it is, keep your dignity to the husband you will marry.

Because every man has already seen you as a woman, he does not have to marry you, even if he marries you, he will never see your value as a woman.

May God bless us with the ability to preserve, and give us the ability to tolerate the confusion of the times.” Hausaloaded have gathered people’s responses under this post.

@Nasiru Halidu sakaba said: You listen to wisdom but you are the one who raises your head, may God reward you with the best @salisu muazu tungan heir What he said : Hmm aunty that’s not rotten @abdulrrahman aliyu said: I understand you perfectly The bracelets are #Daddanna and Hard to buy and they will tell their friends @usman furo illiyasu said: But it doesn’t rot, but its value is gone.

God has arranged things for us @sheikh khalifa salihu bashir said: The problem now is that they are the first to say that you should experience it before you own it, that is, Service before paying… Because the lion they had was enough for them, they gave it to be tasted .

@faruku Bello said: Where the truth is So if you see what you are selling, then you don’t have to taste it, you should just buy it, after you buy it, you have to taste it and eat it all.


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