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“Da ina Noma Hatsi Yakai Na Naira Miliyan 2 Amma Yanzu Ko Dubu 100 Bana Nomawa”


Assalammalaikum people, today we have brought you a wonderful news from Iran.

This servant of God that you see told the story of his life where he says that he used to grow grains for two days a year.

He had a bag of 200 grains and the amount of money he earns is about 2 million naira.

where now even 5 bags he is not in the habit of farming, the roots of farming are difficult for him.

If he wants to be poor, he should say that God has made us safe and healthy, and he has made it convenient for Iran.

If he wants to do anything, then he is not enough. He said, let’s pray to God to help us.

Oh God, God bless our country with peace, tolerance and patience for your well-being and to get new news from time to time.


Our blessed house can’t tell you, Harms, Hausa songs and Naija music, thank you for visiting this blessed house of ours, rest in peace, thank you for visiting thisblessed house of ours, thank you.


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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