Confirm MTN MOMO Agent U.S.S.D Codes Explained In Best Ways 2023

Confirm MTN MOMO Agent U.S.S.D Codes Explained In Best Ways 2023

Howdy, readers. In this article, I will show you all MTN Momo Agent U.S.S.D Codes and how to use them, so let’s get started.

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MTN MOMO Agent is a digital financial Service found by MTN NIGERIA. to help their customers and their third party. You can view this to know more about MTN MOMO.

What is USSD

USSD Codes are numbers that have several information on them, which people will Dial on their phone to view the information.

What is Short code

Shortcode is the processing of shorting something from its original way to a new direct or simple method.

Why we will see USSD Code

As we all know, anything has a reason to do. Even shortcodes have their reason. We use USSD code because it’s straightforward to use without following the full instructions of the information. And it has more benefits. Click here to see MTN MOMO Agent benefits.

So now without wasting of time let’s try and do it.

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MTN MOMO Agent USSD Codes for selling airtime

  • Dial: *502*1*1*phone number*amount#.

The place of phone number is where you will enter the customer number, and the amount is where you will add the money you want to send,

example, *502*1*1*08012345678*100#,

Then it will show you enter pin enter and send that it.

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For selling airtime with AWUF4U

  • Dial: *502*1*2**phone number*amount#.

Then re-enter the amount and send.

For selling airtime with login pin

  • Dial *502*1*3#.
  • Then enter the phone number and select the amount.

For selling data

  • Dial *502*1*4*1*phone number#.
  • Then select the type of the data and send it.

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For Sending And Receiving Cash To Cash

To Send Cash To Cash

  • Dial: *502*2*1*sender phone number*receiver phone number*amount#.
  • Then enter your pin and send.

To Receive Cash To Cash

  • Dial: *502*2*2*sender token*receiver token#.

Then enter your pin and send. If you don’t know what it is, Cash To Cash check here.

For Bank Transfer

For withdrawals

How To Withdraw Money On Momo

  • Dial: *502*3*2*1*account number#.
  • Then select the beneficiary bank name.
  • Then enter the account you want to send.
  • Enter the customer phone number,
  • Then enter your Momo PIN.

For Deposits

How To Deposit Money To Bank On Momo

  • Dial: *502*3*1*account number#.
  • Then select the beneficiary bank name.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Enter a customer phone number.
  • Then enter your Momo PIN.

For Bills Payments

  • Dial: *502*4#.

For Self Services

For wallet balance

  • Dial: *502*5*wallet pin#.

To float your agent account

  • *502*6*1#

To send to an agent

  • Dial: *502*6*2*agent number*amount*PIN#.

To send float to bank account

  • Dial: *502*6*3#.

To add float to bank account

  • Dial: *502*6*4#.

To remove float bank account

  • Dial: *502*6*5#.

For MOMO customer activation

This will help you to refer and end

*502*7*customer phone number*pin#

To manage MOMO Agent account

To reset PIN

  • Dial: *502*00*9*1#.

To change PIN

  • Dial: *502*00*9*2#.

To view Mini-statement

  • Dial: *502*00*9*3#.

To Liquidate your commission

  • Dial: *502*00*9*4#.

To add BVN 

  • Dial: *502**00*9*5#.

To get guide or help

  • Dial: *502*00*9*6#,
  • Or by visiting momo help center website just click here to visit or search it on google


I hope you know all the MTN Momo Agent U.S.S.D Codes and how to use them.

If you have questions, feel free to write them, and don’t forget to share this post


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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