Boys prefer a hot girl, that’s why I drink a lot – said a young woman

The habit of taking medicine to gain weight continues to be common in these countries, especially in the north, despite the warnings of doctors about its effects.

However, young women and married women consider it as an adornment to impress the public.

Our representative in Bauchi, Bashir Khalid Furyam, asked an expert doctor about the side effects of this, where he confirmed that the drug that is drunk is very harmful, especially during childbirth.

Dr. Hassan Garba, who is a doctor at Palycon Hospital in Bauchi town, has confirmed that the drugs that are consumed cause diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and heart disease due to the strength of the ingredients in it.

“This medicine is more harmful to women, because their immunity is not as strong as that of men, so once they use the medicine, you can see that it starts to affect them”.

However, despite such warnings by doctors such as Dr. Hassan Garba, many women continue to engage in this behavior as a young woman in Bauchi told our correspondent.

The young woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said that she is taking medication to gain weight because of the way young men show their desire to love a fat woman and the way women are teased at parties.

“Honestly, the reason why I’m drinking is the way I see everyone, especially young men.

They prefer to see a woman as if she’s going to fuck, and I also don’t want to be left out.”

However, despite being a young woman, she said that she has not faced any challenges as a result of the medication, but she said that she hopes to stop to avoid the consequences.


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