between aliko dan gwatee company and bua company had a dispute 2023

between aliko dan gwatee company and bua company had a dispute 2023

Big story, Bua cement company has given a hot response to the world’s biggest businessman, Ali. This response is based on a conversation he had with the owner of the Bua company about Bua ali. he is slandering the names of the people, he said that he would not be surprised if he slandered them in front of the journalists. Bua said that this problem originated from some time ago, since 1991, they started to have this problem, so now this anger of his has not calmed down, and Bua said that even at the time of chitty, he did to those who were loyal, as Bua said to Bua himself said that there was a time when sugar was scarce in Nigeria and they found a company to produce this sugar, and they got a license for this work and he said that what he wanted was to sell him the sugar from us, so he prepared for us the sugar which we did not have. I didn’t understand that until later.

Bua said that they took care of the business which he agreed and they agreed until finally he gave them money, he used to go to collect the money and he lied about some of the money that he put in. This thing has caused a lot of losses until everyone knows that we are untruthful, contrary to what is happening for sure.


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