Are Kannywood really not helping each other when they are in a difficult situation?

This week, the social media became hot after the release of the video by Zinariya of Mallam Abdullahi Shu’aibu who is popularly known as Karkuzu.

In the video, Karkuzu was seen asking for the help of the servants of God and the Kannywood industry, noticing his blindness and he has no environment.

This has attracted the attention of people and the world as the servants of God have helped with meetings and gatherings to see that Baba Karkuzu is helped.

In fact, Super Eagles football player Ahmed Musa MON has just bought a house for him which we will bring you a full report on the matter.

Let’s go back to the title of our article on does Kannywood help their colleagues when they are in trouble? Golden TV editor Auwal Saleh who knows Baba Karkuzu and interviewed him, Baba Karkuzu confirmed that there are members of the Kannywood industry who will not forget the kind of help they have given him in life.

Because they helped him while he was taking care of his eye, which later God destined him to be blind.

For example: Dad told me that actor Adam A Zango owed him 300K for groceries.

This is not the first time that Adam Zango is helping him.

To this day, Baba Karkuzu confirmed to me that Ali Nuhu on different occasions sent him money and food.

Then the mother and father of his daughter Hadiza Aliyu Gabon said that he did not know how many times she helped him. Now there are some Kannywood actors we talked to who told me that they are on their way to Jos to see Karkuzu and give him the support that the Kannywood actors have given him.

So, do you see that we can’t say that Kannywood industry people do not help their relatives at all.

We just ask them to put more effort into their efforts. The door of help is still open to help Baba Karkuzu with money or food.

As for the issue of home, it has already been moved to Ahmed Musa to try Karkuzu and home. 3034702720 SHUAIBU ABDULLAHI FIRST BANK 07036182052 Here is Baba Karkuzu’s phone number and account for anyone who can help him or call him directly


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