Anti-French protests were held in Vienna on the banning of wearing the abaya in 2023

Anti-French protests were held in Vienna on the banning of wearing the abaya in 2023

Some protesters gathered outside the French embassy in Vienna to express their opposition to the decision taken by the Paris authorities to ban the wearing of the abaya in schools. The protestors wore abayas and carried placards that read “wearing abayas is our right and our identity”, “I have the choice of clothes to wear, no one else” and the like They criticized the French authorities for banning the wearing of the abaya in schools.

This action is seen as showing hatred towards Muslim women in the country. TRTAFRIKA reports that one of the protestors is Baraa Bolat, who has many followers on social media because of her struggle to protect human rights. “I and other people see this action as an insult to the people. Such nonsense should not be done,” said Bolat in an interview with Anadolu Agency “Women should be allowed to wear the clothes they want. I and other people think that it should be said that a woman will choose to wear an abaya or a skirt This is a step that should be decided by a woman and no one else.” Bolat said that they held a protest to draw attention to issues that are not being focused on and to hate France’s decision to ban the wearing of the abaya “We don’t want to take this kind of action in other places or to ban the wearing of this dress in Austria and other countries as well. This is a violation of people’s rights The government should not tell people what to wear. That is why we are holding a rally with the slogan ‘It is my choice to wear the clothes I want, and it is my choice to wear the abaya’ Violate the rights of Muslims At the beginning of this month, the Minister of Education in France banned women from wearing the abaya in schools, saying that it was against the country’s laws “separating religion from official affairs” Education Minister Gabriel Attal said that about 300 students defied the ban on wearing abayas and were sent home – on the first day back to school after the holidays Most of them agreed to change their clothes, but 67 refused to remove their abayas, and they were sent home, according to the minister. The decision pleased the extremists, but the moderates said it was a violation of Muslim women’s rights.


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