Labaran Duniya

(All men in Kano are stupid” said Hafsat)

A young woman in Kano state came with an amazing story, they said, Iran, we looked somewhere else, but we will not get any news, since the young woman came and said, and the race duo, who did not know how to talk, should ask her sheds because she has her evidence so that she can make a video.

Where is she giving this information that is full of surprises? The proof is in her hand, her proof is that she said, by God, now married women are coming out now in Kano, they are more than those who don’t get married in Kano town, and the competition is appropriate, and the married women who have sex, by God, they are more than those who have not even married, because she did not meet yesterday.

and provide evidence if it is seen that she is lying, then she should be contacted and the head of the competition should be surprised.

There are a lot of people who train but they don’t because there is nothing that has changed in reality, everyone can see that Hafsat has become more suitable now, it should be said that before you marry a woman now, you are married and going out.

Take your son, you son of a bastard. If you don’t have respect for yourself, don’t take anyone’s son again, because most of them are bastards, just like Hafsat, what do you say to your tiktok followers? very tasty, thank you


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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