A Pepsi bottle wants to be the symbol of the death of marriage in 2023

A Pepsi bottle wants to be the symbol of the death of marriage in 2023

Our source has received a news that contains a lesson that surely in our life everything you say to us should be discounted and stop attacking a weapon named Sukairaj Hafiz Imam who uses social media and published this news. A young man went to ask a young woman to marry him. Even when her father investigated him, he found him to be a good and disciplined person. Her father said that we do not persevere in the matter of marriage, it is not what we need if you do not live in peace. Go and bring one dinar and it will be enough.

The young man was very happy. After the marriage, when the husband is having fun, he buys a bottle of lemon Pepsi, he looks at the wife and says, if you have this lemon, the price is 1 dinar. The woman is angry at what her husband is doing to her but she suppresses her anger and does not express it. The husband then called her “Pepsi Bottle” When she got worried, she said, she will go to her parents, even when she came, she said, you broke the price for me, you gave me in disgrace, here is my husband who is insulting me, because of the discount you gave him in paying the marriage rights. . Her parents were very angry. Her husband came to pick her up so they could go home, and her father said, be patient, let her stay the night here, she will go to work, tomorrow we have a party. Tell your parents that I am inviting them, and you too… The young man was very happy.. In the morning they prepared him and his parents and went. Even when they arrived, the girl’s father kept 3 bottles of lemon Pepsi for them and said, you accepted my daughter with one bottle of Pepsi, because of your generosity, I now give you three and accept my daughter….! The young man’s parents did not face him, but he bowed his head, because he was so shy, he felt as if he had sunk to the ground. The girl’s father explained to her parents what happened from beginning to end. They condemned what their son did, and gave the girl’s father patience..! Her father said, I am patient but by God she will not return unless he pays FIFTY THOUSAND dinars or the marriage is dissolved. Now you know, everything that is done to my daughter in marriage is also done to mine…! The young man’s parents said, thank you for your honesty, we also supported each other. So money was searched and sbd was brought and he loved her. When she entered the house, he looked at her with a smile and said, Masha Allah, “Pepsi Company is back…!”


Take Your Time And Come Back Strong!!!

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